Write for Us

What does quality content mean to you?

You most likely have a checklist for what you look for in a content — that allows you to rate the content. Right?

Wusnews is no different.

Here is Our Guideline

It’s important you read and follow this guideline if you are interested in writing for Wusnews.

Here is what we look for in our content:

  • Your content must be completely original.
  • We love case studies — use case studies a lot in your content to back your claims.
  • Your post must be actionable.
  • Your content must be well researched.


  • Write conversationally.
  • Headline must be interesting and captivating – look at this formula from copy blogger for inspiration.
  • Firstly we are against fluff big time — no fluff.
  • Minimum of 700 words per post.
  • Have at least two images in the body of your content.
  • Focus on maximum of 3 sentences per paragraph.

Here are a few examples of what we are looking for:

Link 1

Link 2

Lastly, we value consistency in your contribution. You may lose your authorship if you don’t contribute for about two Months.

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