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Using Big Data to Achieve Data Driven and Secure Magento CMS

Oct 12, 2017
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An ordinary IT worker manages all his real-time data and online presence through CMS which can store heaps of information. You might be sitting on assets worth millions of dollars but if you lack the ability to rig through all the data to achieve greater benefits, you are a step behind your competitors. Here comes the need to employ Big Data analytics so that you have the required Business Intelligence (BI) to leap forward with the help of your CMS.

Understanding Big Data

You might have just been hit with the question that “What is Big Data and why is it so valuable?” It is aggregating and analyzing large sets of data including but not restricted to site usage, product data, inventory information, financial transactions, customer behavior and more. The insights achieved through this information helps the company in making data driven-decisions.

Ever-increasing Data

According to a leading analyst firm, the amount of data stored by companies is expected to increase by a whopping 800% by the year 2018. They also state that around 80% of this data will be unstructured i.e. emails, documents, and social media content. It is more difficult to manage such data and the companies are already faced with the challenge of collecting, managing, storing, archiving, and searching this data. Thus, the Magento CMS software proves to be a lifesaver in this regard.

CMS – A Necessity

The need which has been created for CMS (Content Management Systems) and EMS (Electronic Content Management) is undeniable and it is up to the companies to find such solutions which can improve their efficiency. The only possible advantageous scenario comes in the form of Big Data analytics which is an end-to-end solution deployed across all the departments of content storage. Based on advanced analytics, it facilitates innovative decision-making and provides improved security, making the shift to Business Intelligence solutions obvious, according to the experts.

Challenges of Big Data

Big Data is a sheer amount of data which is available on private, public, and cloud platforms so handling all these large data volumes is not at all a piece of cake. Companies, on a daily basis, are challenged due to the complexity of Big Data and its application. Also, a fine line needs to be drawn between personal and non-personal data so that the analysis of Big Data complies with the data protection regulations.

The Future

It has been forecasted that by 2019, the content management market will be worth $12.32 billion representing an annual growth rate of 12.7% from 2014 to 2019. Do you know what is the biggest driver of this growth? Yes, it is Big Data and its analytics which keep on improving the understanding of various content management solutions.

The amalgamation of Big Data and Magento CMS is something which will facilitate a number of decisions, processes, and operations across various companies. The last few years have showcased impressive growth in technology and the future of Big Data and content management also looks promising as businesses resort to cloud adoption, increased web mobility, and new content resources.


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