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Top 5 Identity and Access Management Solutions to Implement into your Organization

Dec 04, 2017
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The present age business world demands complete security of information. This is the primary demand of most business owners. However, it is important that the need to protect financial data and sensitive information of a company should be balanced with providing requisite access to resources and information across technology environments of your company. The process may get complicated when it comes to adhering to stringent compliance demands.

The solution here is Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. These are designed to offer you a centralized visibility and control which facilitates you to measure and monitor risks within a system actively.

Here is a list of top 5 IAM solutions that you need to implement within your organization:

  1. Courion

A reliable and steady performer in the IAM field, the Courion Access Assurance Suite comprises of many modules. These may be licensed individually. Here, each module performs a specific function. Courion modules include the following listed below:

– Compliance management

– Analytics software

– Access request management

– Access by role management

– Account management

– Self-service password management

  1. SailPoint

SailPoint is a pioneer of identity and access governance technology and offers the best identity and access management solution available. Gartner® has named SailPoint a leader in the “Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration,” and Deloitte has named SailPoint the fastest growing IAM company in North America for two consecutive years. The SailPoint IdentityIQ system, along with its optional modules, provides exceptional access certification and role management features. Uniquely, SailPoint IdentityIQ is designed for on-premise deployment but also serves as a staged on-ramp to the cloud. This allows companies to easily implement a future transition to IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS) when they decide to take that step.

The modules of SailPoint IdentityIQ include the following:

– User Provisioning

– Integration Modules

– Compliance Manager

– Lifecycle Manager

– Identity Intelligence

– Governance Platform

SailPoint ensures organizations the best and most efficient IAM system across the industry. These are the most preferred partner for managed and hosting services for SailPoint IdentityIQ. Once implemented well, the SailPoint IdentityIQ will provide your company with the ability to centralize control and visibility. It will also help automate core identity compliance controls as well as processes of lifecycle processes. You will be able to measure and monitor risks related to users and resources, and much more.

  1. Oracle

Specifically crafted and suited for large organizations, Oracle Identity Governance Suite makes for a highly comprehensive solution. It uses analytics for addressing various concerns including identity intelligence, user administration, and privileged account management.

  1. RSA

The Security Division of EMC, RSA provides RSA Identity Management and Governance. This serves as a modular, individualistically licensed solution. The company acquired one of the discoverers of Identity Governance and Management, Aveska. The modules of RSA include:

– Data access governance

-Access certification management

– Access request management

– Business role management

  1. IBM

Also known as the IBM Security Identity Governance and Administration, it is suite that combines Security Identity Governance system and Security Identity Manager of IBM. These are based on the latest CrossIdeas platform. The IAM solution is powerful and comprises of:

– Identity management and governance

– User access management

– Regulatory compliance evaluation

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