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Spy Apps Explode into the world of SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter

Mar 18, 2017
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Users of popular smartphone app, SnapChat, primarily flock to the app because of the promise of privacy. They feel confident posting a wide range of photos and messages, with the belief that their photos and messages are deleted from the recipient’s device once they’re seen. Unfortunately, as most thing in this life, a good thing never lasts.

Spy Apps Become Consumer Grade

Spy Apps

Apps like iKey Monitor allow users to track the activities taking place on their phone. In many cases, they can bypass the safeguards placed by apps and pull data that was thought to have an expiration date. In some instances, nefarious criminals have been known to install spying apps on other people’s phones, allowing them access to endless information about their target.

Spy Apps Highlight The Hidden Parts of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Hidden Parts of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

For users of social media, there are the things we share and the things we discuss behind closed doors. Private Messages, Direct Messages and Shares via Messenger are thought to be hidden from the public at large. However, spy apps allow anyone with extended physical access to your unlocked phone to hack in and plant a bug that pulls information. These types of programs are used for identity theft, and monitoring by jealous partners.

However, there’s also a helpful side to this. For users that want a complete report of what their device usage history has been, and all the content they spread (private and public), spy apps can provide convenient reporting of all this information in a single place. Just be careful with your passwords!

Responsible Parenting with Spy Apps for Teens

Spy Apps for Teens

In today’s hyper connected world, vigilant parents have an endless number of threats to contend with. Children are messaging with strangers at an increasingly young age. These strangers may be your child’s age, or may be child molesters. Unfortunately the internet has very few kid’s only zones.

For parents of teens, it’s difficult to prevent kids from sexting. Parents have a variety of opinions on the best way to handle the problems associated with underage sexting, but regardless of a parent’s position, it’s a good idea to know what your child is doing.

With smartphones, children can be misbehaving while they sit just feet away. Spy Apps put parents back in command.  

Using Spy Apps as Antivirus / Antispyware Measures

Our smartphones contain endless amounts of data. Hackers are working around the clock to try and work their way into our digital lives. A spy app can alert phone users that their items are being sent out or used in ways that are unintended. This goes back to the principle of a good defense being a strong offense.

Regardless of how you use your phone, spy apps offer a variety of benefits to smartphone users that want to safeguard and track their information. Of course good tools can be used for evil purposes, however having a vigilant watch on your smartphone at all times is key to preventing identity theft and other issues associated with stolen data.

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