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Prioritizing Your Goals is the Key to Getting More Done

Jun 14, 2017
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In order to get more tasks done many employees opt to work longer hours, pushing out deadlines and trying to juggle more responsibilities. Though, to some extent, these actions can provide immediate relief, but in reality, they are not the perfect solution for the long term.

Productivity is all about completing your tasks that move you closer to accomplishing your project goals in a manner that brings a perfect balance and ease to your personal life. It’s not simply enough to simply mark tasks completed. The tasks you are completing need to be directly related to achieving your project goals and business objectives.

We spend a lot of time answering emails, checking our social media timelines, time-wasting meetings, and dreaming about success, this is why we only get a little time to actually work done. Getting more work done efficiently while meeting the expectations of clients and businesses is the way to moving toward your business goal.

There are nearly infinite ways, tools and software programs to get more done efficiently. All you need to get outside of your comfort zone, create a plan, prioritize your tasks and prepare yourself for success. Here are some ways that you can use to make the most of your time so that the goals you set get done on time.

Become an Early Riser

It’s no secret that many successful entrepreneurs wake up early in the morning. They know they can work smarter in the quiet morning hours, respond to important emails and get other tasks done before office distractions make it difficult to get all these tasks done.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO says that he wakes up early in the morning to get in a brisk walk, manage all the home affairs, boot up the system to knock a handful of tasks off his to-do list. The lack of distractions at a pre-dawn hour is the main thing that really improves your ability to focus on your tasks.

Use Productivity Tools

Using productivity tools and task management systems is the key to staying on the right track, identifying your goals and getting tasks done faster. A web-based task management tool, TaskQue helps you get your tasks done without overwhelming your employees. The amazing Queue feature removes all the clutter off and display only those tasks that need to be done immediately. It allows you to create to-do list, track the performance of project and employees, collaborate with team and discuss ideas with clients and team members while allowing your team to stay on the right track.

Say No

You can’t get more done and always meet your goals without saying NO. It’s your responsibility to perform your tasks, meet your deadlines – for this you have to set up your own schedule. Prioritizing your goals and determining the ways to fulfill your commitments is the key to success. Create a plan that not only helps you meet your professional goals, but also allows you to hang out with friends or do whatever you want to do and makes you happy.

Remove All Distractions

Eliminating all the activities and distractions that suck time is key in getting more tasks done on time. You can use a tool like Toggl to keep track of your whole day’s activities. You may be surprised to see how often you check your inbox, timeline, fashion blogs, and your phone.

Narrow Down Your Focus

There is no point to focus on a number of tasks in order to get more done. If truth be told, multitasking with no prioritization can actually force you backwards and put your goals further out of reach. Therefore, it is highly advised to narrow your focus to only a few goals that can easily be done and then create your schedule in order to achieve them. For instance, if you have to grab leads, focus on your content marketing efforts to get user engagement.

Make an Outline

Do you know what successful people do for their goal achievement? They write down their goals. In addition to writing your daily goals, you need to brainstorm how you can reach your milestones. Prioritize them and make an outline of steps you need to take immediately in order to complete your goals for the day, week, or month.

Using time hacks is the key to get more things done efficiently. Multitasking sometimes helps a lot, but it reduces your mental ability and can slow you down. Therefore, it is advised to set a schedule and exclusively focus on one task at a time. Pomodoro technique works best to schedule in breaks and downtime. Giving yourself permission to hyper focus, take breaks and relax is essential to getting more tasks done.

Prioritizing your goals to meet your professional goals can maximize your time while enabling you to get everything done quickly and efficiently.


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