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The Power of Case Studies Boost Conversions and Convey Value

Mar 17, 2017
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Companies around the world rely on business intelligence to guide their decision-making process. It’s easy to assume that creating a killer product with the help of the most passionate and experienced techs in the industry can virtually guarantee success, but don’t forget about marketing! Few aspects of business have changed more as a result of the Big Data revolution than the world of advertising.

As future expansions of Hadoop data engines are more effectively optimized for sorting unordered data, the potential impact on targeted advertising cannot be understated. Thankfully, data analysis has already come far enough to allow marketing professionals to understand what really moves the needle on sales. Let’s take a closer look at how Case Studies impact your client’s buy decision online.

Customers Crave Research and Data

Customers love information and the internet has empowered customers to access more of it than ever before. A survey performed by Search Engine Land found that:

  1. Almost 90% of customers check the reputation of a local business online before parting with their hard-earned cash.
  2. Nearly 40% regularly check out product, business and service reviews online.
  3. Less than 15% of customers completely skip checking reviews before making a buying decision.

That means even local customers are going to visit your site, and you need to provide them the information they crave if you’re going to close the sale. Margarita Hakobyan, the Director of Marketing, shared with me the following:

Our customers rely on us to move their most precious possession across town and around the world. As a result, our site has performed best when we provide a wide-range of information in an easily accessible format. Sales are up 34% from last year as a result of recent, data-driven overhauls to our homepage.

The Pop-Up Case Study

One of the best ways to create a sense of trust in your product or service is with a Case Study that highlights the real-world value of your solution. I’m sure that you’ve been inundated with pop-ups on the web, but case study pop-ups are great because they offer site visitors the opportunity to sink their teeth into an actual example. They can learn how your product worked in the past to make a customer’s life better; building buyer confidence and driving conversions.

The best part about offering a case study to customers is that you can require their email as part of the delivery process. Emailing them a copy of a case study that features your company is a great way to add a targeted buyer to your email marketing database, while establishing a personal connection with the reader.

Neil Patel’s Teaser-Trailer Technique (TTT)

The perfect case study is delivered via what Neil Patel calls the Teaser-Trailer Technique (TTT). A pop-up on your site alerts the customer that you are about to give them a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how

your product works in the wild. They’ll anticipate your email and look forward to reading the information it contains. Then, once they receive it, they’ll feel well-informed and more confident in making a buying decision. Finally, you’ll mention in the case study that they’ve unlocked a limited-time promotion that they can use on your site to save money on their purchase.

Combining the impact of anticipation, reciprocity and scarcity in your sales process will amp your sales. A well-developed case study will convey valuable information. In return, your customer will feel (subconsciously) that they owe you for personally giving them free information at their request. Then, the promotion will give them a sense of urgency and help close the transaction.

All of this is impacted by the business intelligence gained from the Big Data your company comes into contact with every day. Take the time to understand what’s important to your customers and fine-tune your case study to provide answers to their most complex questions. Your investors will thank you.

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