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The new Intel processors are to get their hands on the head

The chip giant recently introduced in Computex 2017 (the annual meeting of the computer industry, held in Taipei (capital of Taiwan)) its new high-performance processors framed in the Skylake-X series, a generation that as we know will have a new top of the range; The Core i9 18-core. Thus, the largest manufacturer of integrated circuits in the world, seeks to dominate the market with processors of very high performance that are oriented to the most demanding consumers.

This processor uses the Skylake architecture that we have seen in LGA1151 socket versions, but it raises the count of cores to a maximum of 18, has a larger amount of cache, uses the LGA2066 socket with the X299 chipset, supports up to 44 PCI lines -E and can work with quad-channel memory configurations.

The new beast among processors: the Intel Core i9

The level of processing required by the new computers and servers requires that the processors that come out to the market have to offer really surprising specifications. This has happened with the new family of chips presented by Intel, whose characteristics are to get their hands on the head.

Although the manufacturer did not offer a special conference during the event, Computex 2017 has been the ideal framework for the ads that the multinational has made. Specifically, it has introduced its new Core i9 processors, its new 4 to 18 cores and its first Teraflop CPUs for desktop computers, as described by Europa Press.

With the intention of providing high-capacity data processing products, the manufacturer clearly targets the computer market for professional gamers, content creators and virtual reality systems, according to a press release for the occasion.

On the other hand, the great star among the innovations has been the new Intel Core i9 processor, whose top of the range will be the Extreme Edition model. This new beast among the integrated circuits will be equipped with 18 cores in the model 7980 XE of 3.3 to 4.5 GHz and will arrive at the market at a price of 1999 dollars. The company will also offer lower versions of Core i9 with 16, 14, 12 and 10 cores, adapting to the needs of each user, as expressed by Hipertextual.

In the catalog of solutions Core i9 presented by Intel we can differentiate two large groups of products, those of high count of cores and the ones of low count of nuclei. The first are those with up to 12 cores and the second those with 14, 16 and 18 cores.

Well the most important delay is the one that will affect the processors with high count of nuclei, including that Core i9 of 18 nuclei, since as it has commenced a worker of ASUS in his official forums will not arrive until the beginning of 2018. Low-core processors should arrive before the end of this year.

AMD should introduce ThreadRipper throughout this summer, so unless those CPUs end up facing some delay they will have a golden opportunity to get ahead of the chip giant. If the rumors are over and the prices accompany those of Sunnyvale could hit the table.

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