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The Key to Unlocking Big Data is Efficiency

Mar 18, 2017
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Your team is looking to you for leadership. If you’re running a company, that fact shouldn’t surprise you. But, the area where you need to exert the most influence is in how your company collects, organizes and analyzes the data you gain from interacting with your customers. If you can find ways to become more efficient in your data analysis, you’ll have the opportunity to outsmart the competition without increasing your research budget.

Energy Efficiency, As Explained by Big Data

big data energy

One of the most exciting areas where Big Data is making an impact is in the energy sector. Many building constructed today are outfitted with the latest tech designed to monitor and adjust energy use. For the companies that call these structural behemoths home, finding a way to lower energy costs has a huge impact on the bottom-line. Plus, the green initiatives offer an excellent talking point for their advertising and marketing efforts. Maintaining an office-space requires deliberate care. According to National Warehouse, “Over time, the air filters will get dirty and this can greatly decrease efficiency, resulting in subsequent damage to the heating system.” In addition, the sensors used in these smarter, eco-friendly buildings need to be properly leveraged. Nest (owned by Google), GE, Siemens, Intel and Honeywell are all racing to find ways to better manage the smart technology in current construction, according to GreenBiz.

Multi-Structured Data in Online Environments Requires Automated Analysis

structured data

Big Data analysis used to describe a process that was carried out by accomplished mathematicians and statisticians within large organizations. Today, smaller companies are gaining access to treasure troves of data. Every click and tap involved in interacting with customers results in a digital trail. Collecting the digital breadcrumbs and forming them into cohesive strategies has become the focus of a new generation of big data software.

Hadoop Technologies are aggressively entering the SME vocabulary. This incredibly powerful set of algorithms can parse and organize big data into insights with little, to no human involvement. As a result, even a niche infant supply company can take full advantage of the data they come into contact with. What used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries can now be outsourced to the cloud.

The human capital is pooled into data-mining companies that offer SME’s access to their software and managed solutions to better leverage SME data. This scaled approach to Big Data is an exciting development, which would not have been possible without the breakthroughs in Hadoop analytical technology. According to OpenSource.com, the thanks and praise from SME’s around the world need to find their way to the creators of Hadoop: Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella.

While the technology can be freely accessed, the skill to utilize it still represents a (much smaller) technical bottleneck. Companies like GoGrid and IBM are partnering to offer SME’s a Hadoop SAAS solution. The technical bottleneck may soon be a thing of the past, as companies can simply hire the

existing, scalable infrastructure of other organization. Although as with all things in the world of tech, only time will tell.

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