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Google Assistant Has Arrived

Apr 21, 2017
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The era of “just Google it” may be coming to a close.

But before you panic, read on.

With the introduction of the new Google Assistant exclusively to Pixel phones, users enjoyed a well-blended combination of the traditional Google Search feature and Ok Google.

But now, all of you lucky enough to own Android smart phones running the Marshmallow (6.0) and Nougat (7.0) systems can be looking for an update coming to you very soon.

This may be coming through as a Google Play update or software version update. Details haven’t been released on that yet.

As a side note, how can you NOT love the delicious software names that Android uses? It’s almost like they know how hard it is to turn down a marshmallow. Or nougat.

What is Google Assistant?

With its cutting-edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence, Google designed this app to be as human-like as possible.

For example, need to remember to pick up the dry cleaning? Simply say “Ok Google” or press and hold the Home button (sound familiar, Apple fans?) and say “Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning.” Your reminder is set.

Or, carry on a conversation with Google Assistant by utilizing its understanding of contextual messages. It can even joke with you. Or beatbox. Both options are awesome. And an essential feature every smart phone should have.

Why Move to Android?

But Google initially claimed that Google Assistant would be exclusive to the Pixel. Makes sense, right? After all, Apple products seem to thrive on exclusivity.

But in true Google fashion, Google Assistant has slowly begun to enter world of Android systems.

After all, Google’s draw has always been its accessibility to the general public. To stop now would be to change the course of the entire company. And why mess with a good thing?

But don’t hold your breath on the rollout, especially if you don’t speak English.

According to Google, “The Google Assistant will begin rolling out this week to English users in the U.S., followed by English in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as German speakers in Germany. We’ll continue to add more languages over the coming year.”

Interesting that the Germans are lumped in with the English-speaking countries. So hopefully you speak either English or German.

What Devices Can Use Google Assistant?

Until now (Well, not right now. As discussed, this rollout is going to take a while) Google Assistant was available on Google Home, Android Wear devices (with the new Wear 2.0 update), and the Allo messaging app.

What Will be the Very First Non-Pixel Device to Gain Google Assistant?

Here it is, in all its glory:

The lucky LG G6.

Shortly after this is released (not available yet) the Android 6.0 and above will follow.


While many questions have been answered, one big concern still remains: Will we lose any of the features that Google Search offered?

It is expected that the new Google Assistant will not include the Google Keep lists, song recognition, or text reading capabilities from Google Search.

But apparently its developers aim to include all features. Only time will tell.

Which Google Search features couldn’t you live without?


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