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The Future of Video Marketing in 2017

Mar 21, 2017
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Technology and the rise of social media have dramatically impacted marketing in the past twenty years. People go through life glued to their phones and constantly updating social media accounts. This has created a new venue for marketing and advertisement.

Television Commercials

Television Commercials

With so many ways to watch television without commercials and via the internet, advertising in television isn’t as influential as it once was. Even the highly coveted Super Bowl Halftime commercial break has lost its attraction to the general population. The fact that most Super Bowl commercials are released to the internet before the Super Bowl has stolen their secrecy and intrigue.

However, requesting votes for these commercials is a noteworthy marketing tactic. A large population who will not watch the Super Bowl will watch a funny chip commercial on YouTube.The future for video marketing is headed for social media.

Social Media

Video Marketing

The majority of daily internet usage is attributed to some kind of social media. With the introduction of smart phones, it is easy to keep multiple media accounts updated throughout the day. Advertising with video clips through apps and websites will

Studies show that 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound as the viewer scrolls through his newsfeed. So it is important for the first few seconds of the video to visually capture the intended audience. Also, while longer videos are a good fit for YouTube, shorter videos belong on Facebook.

YouTube is a great resource for companies trying to increase their Search Engine Optimization. Also, with their own channel on YouTube, companies can gain subscribers to their channel.


Most people are visual learners. Since videos engage so many senses, people tend to recall band information easier in videos than pictures. Also, in today’s plugged-in culture, videos are easily and constantly shared with friends and family. A particularly good commercial may even go viral.

Also, very detailed information can be used within videos. While companies may be hesitant to give too much detail in writing (fearing that the individual just will not read the book well on his own)

Videos can even be used to help keep current clients. Product videos can go with various pieces of merchandise and serve a dual purpose. First, they give the clients a visual, working example of how to best utilize/assemble their product. And second, they can also advertise new services/upgrades to the current products.

Future Technology

Future Technology

In conclusion, video marketing is beginning to inch away from television and has become more popular in the various websites and social media websites. Its future is in the flexibility and space of the internet. In a world of small attention spans and technology at the fingertips, the groundwork is set for the rise of video marketing.

With the abundance of smart phones, tablets, and laptops floating around in the possession of the younger generations, videos can be more accessible. And since they work well on any device, any individual should be able to watch a video easily from any location.

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