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Ensuring Safety on Your Smartphones in the Digitally Progressing Era

Approximately 96 percent of teens aged between twelve and seventeen have social network profiles and 80 percent of the time spent on such profiles is through smartphones. The expansion of the internet and the excessive smartphone usage have increased our vulnerability to the predators looking for an easy target.

A survey conducted in the third-quarter of 2016 suggested that 93 percent of the people chose to buy a smartphone as compared to the 90 percent which wanted one in the third quarter of 2015. On the whole, smartphone penetration is increasing every year at a rate of 8 percent with the highest being in millennials (people aged between 18-24), 98 percent of whom own smartphones.

How can one ensure his own safety with such dependency on the smartphones and the internet? It is indeed a tough job but if handled in the right manner, one can safeguard himself from all the unexpected dangers which lie on the other side of your screens. Here are a few effective way outs:

Keep Your Device Locked

Most of us are aware of the importance of keeping our phones locked but at times, we don’t do so because of simple inconvenience. A recent study showed that 54 percent of smartphone users in the US did not keep their phone password-protected. This can cause important data to be compromised, calls being made, or some significant financial loss too. It is a very bad idea to keep your phone unlocked and significant measures must be taken to keep the phone protected through a password or a biometric pass.

Be Cautious with the Apps

Those apps which aren’t downloaded from a trusted source like App Store or Google Play Store can pose a considerable threat to your phone. Even some apps on the Google Play Store cannot be trusted because of the lenient screening process which is followed by this platform. One thing to be really cautious of is app permissions as there are a few which seek more than just basic information. Check the reviews before downloading and make sure that they ask for such permissions which make sense. Allowing access to your personal data may put you in a sensitive situation and might result in adverse circumstances as well.

Beware of Your Wireless

Any device which has been enabled to send data across wireless airwaves has become a potential threat to the security of your smartphone. We usually have a habit of connecting our phones with any network (private or public) available and enjoy some free internet services. These free services, in reality, can cost us a lot more than what we can possibly imagine. The modern smartphones are being designed to mitigate this risk but still, the threat exists and proper care should be taken for foolproof security.

Relying on a Security Software

You can get away from a number of potential dangers just by downloading a reputable and an operational security app on your phone. There are certain spy apps which may also help in protecting someone else’s phone and data from being compromised, for example, you can download the mSpy app on your child’s phone and make sure that they are not a victim of harassment or bullying. You can even block incoming calls & MSPY.com will allow you to perform a number of other functions for further protection of your loved ones.

Rooting Your Android Phone

Android users are quite fond of rooting their phones as this allows maximum access to them and facilitates certain modifications to their smartphones. While there are certain advantages of rooting, one cannot forget the numerous security threats which come along with it. Rooting is such a process which should only be done by “experts” because of the plenty of dangers imposed by it. The flexibility which is associated with rooting comes with paying a high price by being vulnerable to external threats and malicious codes.

Regular Data Backup

If your phone gets lost or stolen, it may take a significant time to recover all the data, contacts, and other important information. Moreover, keeping all this information intact on the phone provides a convenient way to others especially cyber attackers to access it. In order to safeguard yourself completely, all the important data should be kept safe in the cloud so that the chances of any security breach are minimized. There is a range of services which allow automatic backing up of data but make sure that a certain service is authentic before relying on it.

As per Statista, the number of smartphone users in the world is going to rise to 2.5 billion in 2019 from 2.1 billion in 2016. With increased penetration of smartphones in our lives, the need to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our data protected has risen more than ever.

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