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Clear Ink: a New “epaper” Color That Could Cardboard

ClearInk is a company that develops a new technology around ink and electronic paper. The advantage of this solution is that it allows true color displays!

The ebook reader is a kind of Arlesian. For, despite some models released without much success, no technology can correctly display colors with electronic ink.

However, the new technique developed by the company ClearInk could change all that.

This technology is based on an invention from Columbia University that adds color filters over an “e-paper” type screen. The advantage of this technique is that it consumes less energy than a conventional screen (80% to 90% savings) while displaying colors correctly.

If the company speaks of “e-paper” (ie “electronic paper”), it does not use electronic ink. These are TFT screens (with dot matrix) that are used for the first prototypes of ClearInk screens.

The advantage of this technique is that the refresh rate of the screen is 33 frames per second. This opens up possibilities to display animations or even videos on devices using this type of screen.

The other industrial advantage is that these screens use a manufacturing technique quite close to LDC screens. A factory capable of manufacturing more conventional screens could therefore quickly be adapted for these new screens. The marketing of products (we speak mainly of smartphones for the moment) using ClearInk could intervene as of the year 2018.

According to ClearInk, several electronics manufacturers have already invested to release devices using this type of screen as early as next year.

On the video, we see that the colors are still a bit bland, but it’s an encouraging start. The prototypes that can be seen using up to 4096 colors.

For the moment, there is no indication that e-readers will use this type of screen because the company is focusing on the smartphone and tablet market.

But, if the resolution is sufficient and the colors are bright (and the refresh rate is revised upward), it may be a technology that will allow tablets and e-readers to really merge …

Because Clear ink technology is still in its infancy …

E-Ink: a 13.3-inch color screen presented (video)

E-Ink is the company behind the Carta screens that now equip a large number of ebook readers. A video has appeared on the Internet and we can see some of their latest news.

Thus, there is a 13.3-inch color screen that has been presented to companies and integrators.

The electronic ink color screens now allow the printing of colors much more vivid and less faded than before. On the other hand, there is always a problem of speed of refreshment which makes them difficult to integrate into a reader for the moment.

What is reassuring is that works are still relevant. We can think that the first color lights of this new generation really interesting will be released in 5 years (see before).

If the technology evolves well it can also upset the touchpad market. If the color E-Ink screens manage to equal (even approaching) the refresh rate of the LCD screens, one can think that the integration of such a screen in a tablet or a laptop can make these machines very autonomous. We could perhaps even exceed the 20h or 24 hours of autonomy for a tablet!

You have also seen that E-Ink products are quite diverse: we have small screens that can be used as a badge and smartphones screens.

However, 70% of the turnover of this company is achieved by electronic ink screens dedicated to electronic reading. The rest of the turnover is realized on other electronic segments (chips, etc.)



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