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Brilliant Guide to Starting a Business with Small Investment

Mar 17, 2017
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Every giant starts a dwarf and every journey of thousand miles starts with a first step. In the same way, it does not matter how big a business is, it must have started out small. The thing to note here is that every business that starts small does not become big. In fact, not every business that starts remains a business. The fact of the matter is that most of the businesses that start around the world do not become successful. There are only a handful of these businesses that reach a point where their name becomes a brand and an identity.

The only difference between a successful and failed startup is of attitude. When you are serious with your business you are bound to succeed. Call it physics, the science of universe or common sense but something has to go wrong for a project to fail. Today, you will be reading about some the most important things that need your attention when you are starting a business, no matter how small. Many of these things are quite basic but it’s surprising how so many individuals starting businesses tend to forget about them:


Planning is the most important thing for any business. If you read comments from the biggest businessmen and entrepreneurs of the world, you will realize that they had everything planned when they started businesses. Just take the example of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. From day one he was passionate about what he wanted to do and all the steps he took in his life were to make things possible. Even if some people accidentally became successful when they had not planned to, they remained successful with planning.

You have to plan about everything in advance because that’s what business is all about. If you are not a good planner, you cannot become a good business owner. You have to know what your resources are to start the business in terms of finances. You must know your product or service in depth and realize your target market. You have to know in advance how you will be making partners and approaching your market. You must set targets and goals with deadlines so you know you are moving forward and not standing still. Write everything down and share this document and information with everyone who’ll be responsible in the starting of your business.

Arranging Investment

This is the most important and effort demanding process for any business. No matter how you put it, it is a fact that money is most important for your business to run. The key here is to use your investment the right way. However, even before the issue of using the investment comes, you have to arrange the capital. Make partners who are willing to invest with you in your business. Visit investment banks and see if you can get some help in getting investment arranged for your business. Use online crowdfunding methods to arrange medium to big amounts too.

Take personal loan if you could because you are going to need it. Calculate whatever funds you already have because you don’t want to take the amount you don’t need. You have to keep in mind that you will have to return the money too. However, why you should get a personal loan is because your expenses will always be higher than you have calculated. Look for the options available to you. Sometimes your credit card works just fine for small requirements. You could go for a logbook loan for a small amount or a payday loan if your situation allows.

Reducing Expenses

This one needs to be given special attention because many new business owners suffer in the hands of expensiveness. For example, a small restaurant in order to look different would buy the fanciest and most expensive crockery and culinary items from the market. This adds to the expenses big time and takes a huge chunk away from the backup money you have to keep in your account for the first few months. Of course, it shows your passion that you want to be different but if you have to do that at the cost of your business, don’t do it.

When it comes to buying furniture items, spend time in looking for used items that still look like new. Save office space if you could by using internet offices. You could now have virtual offices registered like real offices and have your employees work from home. Save buy all in one devices to save office space such as an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax machine. Use duplex printing to save thousands of dollars on papers at the end of the year. You could think of hundreds of different ways to reduce your costs while starting your business to save backup money.

Proper Marketing

At the end, it is all about marketing properly so you can create a stream of customers for your business. The better you are at marketing the more customers you will make. Some people focus too much on their products, services and the internals of the businesses, but give marketing less importance. That’s where they go horribly wrong. You have to make sure to do proper marketing for your business because it is your marketing that let the people know about you. Do proper material marketing as well as internet marketing for best results.

Understand the effects of both the types of marketing and have your marketing department work on both. Select individuals who understand both the types of marketing. Create social media pages and update your content as frequently as possible. Never forget about the blog and guest blogging. Remember to give back to your customers and introduce discount offers. Create a database of email addresses so you can keep in touch with your customers. Run email marketing campaigns for most effective type of marketing. Hire the right SEO experts so your website can rank higher in the search engine result pages. Analyze your marketing campaigns to know which ones to continue investing in.

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