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7 Digital Marketing Challenges Every Startup Faces

Starting your own business is like swimming against the tide in the rough sea. Even if you manage to succeed and reach the shore, you will have to market it to stay competitive. Unfortunately, marketing a startup is much more difficult than marketing an established business. For starters, throw brand recognition out of the window because you do not have any when you are starting a business.
In order to survive and thrive, you need to get the best out of your digital marketing efforts. There are many digital marketing challenges that you should overcome to maximize your profits. That is where digital marketing Dubai can help you out. In this article, we will highlight biggest digital marketing challenges that are creating problems for startups.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

With so many marketing channels available these days, it is becoming more difficult to choose the right one for your business. Apart from traditional marketing channel, marketers now have access to new marketing channel as well. Study your target audience and their behaviors as well as their preferences. Identifying your target audience and finding out where they spend most of your time will make it easy for you to choose the right marketing channel. Once you select the right marketing channel, the result will come your way.

Increasing Competition

Imagine a game where other players are already established their legacy and you are entering as a new player. You will face this scenario when you enter the market with your startup. Irrespective how unique your idea might be, there are companies who are fighting for the market share and customer money. In order to get a competitive edge over your competitor in digital marketing sphere, you will have to think out of the box and use innovative tactics and convey it differently to your audience to make a big difference.

Take the example of Burger King, who was going toe to toe with McDonald’s until they used a slogan “Have it your way”, which gave them an edge over McDonald’s. Even though, people have it their own very even at McDonald’s but Burger King conveyed it and reap the rewards. This goes to show that small creative stroke of genius in digital marketing can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Established businesses and large size companies can get away with loopholes in their marketing strategy but this is not the case with startups. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to have a shoddy digital marketing strategy because that would lead you to business failure. You need a digital marketing strategist that can give you a flawless digital marketing strategy that can bring in great results. Without an effective digital marketing strategy at your disposal, your digital marketing efforts will not bear any fruit.

Diverse Consumer Needs

The pace at which technology is evolving makes it even more difficult for marketers and startup to stick to a single approach. Every customer is different so one-size fits all formula does not work here. Customer needs are changing rapidly than ever before and marketers will have to adept accordingly to be successful. For instance, the popularity of VR technology will reshape the media consumption of customers. It will also open new doors of opportunities for digital marketers to present their content in an interactive manner. You need to use diverse marketing approach to cater to diverse consumer needs.

Generating Traffic and Leads

According to a report by Hubspot, bringing more traffic to your website and generating more leads was the biggest challenge digital marketer faced last year. With so many platforms to publish and promote your content, it is hard to focus your energies. You will have to understand your customer inside out and identify which type of content they are willing to read.

When you provide them the right content in the right form, they will surely consume. That is the reason why info graphics and videos along other form of visual content is such a hit with customers. Not only do the content types but also the promoting methods have changed drastically. If you want to generate more traffic and leads you must promote your content the right way too. Convert website visitors into paying customers remain the biggest challenge for most startups.

Limited Digital Marketing Budget

Probably the biggest challenge for startups is their low digital marketing budget. With a shoestring budget to play with and rising cost of advertising on digital and social media channels and stiff competition, startups are struggling big time. Take advantage of free tools to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Calculate your ROI and have a solid strategy so that you can convince the upper management that the higher digital marketing budget can bring higher returns as well.

Anthony West, an entrepreneur and founder of PhotoNoteIt, also faced the same problem of low marketing budget and shares the experience, “For most of our startup life, we have had little to no funds that could be dedicated to a big marketing push; meaning, paid advertisements on and offline were not in the for-seeable future. However, we have taken advantage of all the free tools available to promote our company to those we know on our social feeds who have in turn promoted for us on their social feeds.”

Managing Social Media and Overcoming Ad Blockers

With the increase in ad blocking software and add-ons being used and social media being saturated, it is hard for small businesses to push their ads and get results. Digital marketers are struggling to get their ads seen by their target audience as more people are now using ad-blocking software than ever before. Due to this, digital marketers are using different alternatives such as sponsored blog posts, reviews and mentions. This has also helped native advertising to grow and digital marketers are jumping on the native advertising bandwagon. The biggest advantage with native advertising is that it let digital marketers hit their targets as the right customer views your ads.


Startups have a very thin line when it comes to budget and the margin for error is nonexistent. They have to compete against some established players in the industry. Overcoming aforementioned marketing challenges is critical in order to take your business to the next level by leveraging the marketing efforts and increasing its efficiency. If you know about any other marketing challenge that your startup is facing, then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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