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6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Brand’s Awareness on Snapchat

Mar 20, 2017
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Are you looking to add Snapchat as one of your social media marketing channels?

Look no further I got your back.

Recent study has shown that Snapchat records over 158 million daily active users and 2.5 Billion Snaps per day.

Although, Snapchat is relatively new. It’s no news that it’s one the fastest-growing social media networks.

A study has shown that Snapchat has beaten twitter and other social media channels on the percentage of the most frequently used social networks from 2015 to 2016.

Snapchat rose from 4% to 8% and is standing as the second most used social media platform after facebook.



This sends a green signal that this is a good channel for marketing.

That been said, let’s dive into the 6 ways you can use Snapchat for business.

1. Offer Promo codes

The engagement rate on Snapchat is amazing.

Have you noticed it?

Brand’s like GrubHub have recorded a lot of success with Snapchat marketing with promo codes.


It’s so true that everyone loves promos and freebies.

It will be great for your business if you can find a way to provide promotional packs for your Snapchat followers and make them to always come back for more.

Maybe reward them with discounts when they what your entire snapchat story.

2. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Have you thought of using thought leaders in your industry to tell your brand story?

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there, and you should use it.

It’s a quick way to build your audience.

It was predicted that in 2017 influencer marketing will begin to mature even more even though it’s not a new practice.

Big brands are already using it on Snapchat — brands like Audi got over 115,000 followers on its Snapchat account by partnering up with the T.V. show Pretty Little Liars through their Snapchat stories.

How can you use influencers?

You’ll have to find top leaders in your niche and connect with them start building a relationship with them, find ways to help them out with a little task, feature them in a podcast, write about them or write an article and reference them in the article in a nice way.

In my case, I had to visit my target influencer website, try to find out what’s not working well and then report to them and give suggestions on how to fix it.

Having built your relationship, it will be easy to ask them for a Snap when you mention them in a post or to ask them to share your post to their large audience.

3. Provide Access to Live Event

You can host events—maybe a keynote or trade shows and provide live updates with your Snapchat followers. The NBA has used Snapchat in several ways.

At the 2014 All-Star Game, the NBA launched their online presence on Snapchat and NBA fans were able to watch video clips from Chris Paul.

4. Take People Behind The Scene

You can actually provide behind the scenes content with Snapchat to your community, which will help engage your audience.

And make your followers stick around with you. you can capture Your employees birthday party or company outings, just about anything you are doing that will get people looking.

Everlane a fashion startup is doing very well at this — they use Snapchat stories to show happy hours, manufacturing warehouses and to highlight tour of their office.



This practice makes your prospects feel involved in your company process and that makes sense.

5. Deliver Private Content

What if you make your snapchat users your Beta testers?

What if your audience on Snapchat get the latest news about the product you are about to launch first-hand?

I’m pretty sure they’ll absolutely love it and will be happy to stick around with your brand.

Share with them content they can’t get elsewhere.

6. Feature Your Followers

Featuring your followers is a great way to draw attention from your fans and to create engagement.

Don’t make your Snapchat feed too personal, allow your fans to be a part of it.

You can ask your followers to take a picture of themselves with your product and send to you. Then any picture that wins will make it to your feed.

They’ll love it I bet you.

GrubHub did the same thing and the result was amazing. It resulted in a 20% increase in their follower base.


Final Thoughts

Using social media to tell your brand story by engaging your audience will help you grow your business faster. It will help you get more shares and more visibility for your brand.

Your brand will be fresh in the mind of your audience and gradually you’ll grow to become a thought leader in your industry.

Even though Snapchat is new— it’s growing rapidly and the rate of engagement is amazing.

Try it.

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