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5 Things Every Woman Wishes Retailers Knew About Her Shopping Basket

Oct 19, 2017
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As a woman, shopping can be both a pastime and a matter of necessity. We keep the household running with fresh supplies, our wardrobes updated with the latest in fashion, and we try to stretch pennies whenever possible to save money on our family’s budget. The bulk of US shopping is done by women. We represent more than $15 trillion dollars in buying power annually. So here’s what we need online retailers to do to show they take us seriously.

1. Make Online Shopping Faster

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect product and having to go through countless order screens to go from browsing, to cart, to front door. Amazon wins many of our dollars with their one-click ordering process and simple automated shipping at checkout. I don’t want to have to select option after option. I want to pick what I want and be done. The browsing and hunting for the perfect product is fun. The long order process is not.

2. Save My Payment Method!

After I’ve found what I want, don’t make me type in my credit card all over again! There are so many great options for storing my credit card and debit card securely. Use them! If you don’t want to save my data on your site, then use a service like Visa Checkout, PayPal or Apple Pay.

3. Let Me Shop on My iPhone and Android

I love to shop. It’s what makes my long days at work and taking care of my kids worthwhile. Sometimes I want to just sit on the couch, enjoy a glass of wine and shop for new clothes on my phone. With services like Apple pay, it’s incredibly easy to complete purchases online without digging through my purse for my wallet. So, if you want my money when I’m ready to part with it, give me an app that’s simple and elegant.

4. Give Me One Store for Everything I Need

I love sites that let me shop for multiple products in one place. If I can find everything I need in one site, I’m a lot more likely to fill my cart up with goodies and necessities. Let me find everything I need from multiple sources in one place. This makes it less likely that I’ll hold off on making a final purchasing decision while I look at other sites.

5. Reward me for Shopping in Bulk

The more items I purchase at once, the more efficient I become as a customer. I use less boxes, cost your company less in shipping expenses and improve your revenue for the day. So, if I’m purchasing a ton of stuff, reward me! Whether it’s a rewards program that gives me points for the purchases I make, or free shipping on orders over X number of dollars, make me feel like I’m valued as a customer.

If you take these five tips seriously, you’ll earn a loyal customer that shops for more and more items on your site.

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