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5 Reasons Macs Are Better Than PCs

Oct 29, 2017
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There has been a heated debate for a while in several online forums as to whether Macs are better than Windows PCs. Click here if you are selling your machine. It is no doubt that a Mac is much more reliable, easier to buy, user-friendly and offers a greater experience than a Windows PC. Although PCs are the most widely and popularly used machines in the world today, there are still many reasons why you should choose a Mac over a PC. However, this does not mean being biased in this article. To prove our words, we have listed 5 awesome reasons why you should choose a Mac over a PC.

  1. It’s easier to buy a Mac than a PC.

Why is it easier? Have you ever tried to shop for a PC just to make a comparison? Your eyes will glaze over. This is because there are so many choices, not only of makers but bells, speeds and sizes. This makes it difficult to know whether you are buying the right device. Apple has made it easier for users to buy their Mac machines. In fact, if you buy a Mac, you are guaranteed of getting a well-designed and reputable machine, with all the features including peripherals and apps that you’d have to purchase extra on a PC.

  1. Buying Macs makes users happy

Don’t you want to have a happier and more productive life with your machine? Unlike PCs, Macks are the best machines that will leave you happier and more productive. Another important thing to note is that purchasing Macks, you get value for your money. Additionally, Macks are more reliable and easy to use machines and that’s why they are top-rated machines in the market.

  1. Security

How often do you format your PC because of virus infections or a bug? When it comes to security, Mac is better and more secure than a Windows PC. Apple has ensured that Mac machines are highly secured which eliminates the need for a user to install an anti-malware or anti-virus software. In a Mac system, there are almost no viruses, maybe adware.  On the other hand, the Mac design quality is incredible making it a reliable machine that can stay longer thus giving you value for your money. If you are planning on buying a computer, it is good to go for a Mac machine since the probability of getting infected by malware are minimal as compared to a windows computer.

  1. Valuable apps comes in-built

Let’s speak the truth. Have you ever bought a PC with all the software pre-loaded? A Mac comes with the useful iLite suite pre-loaded, thus giving you the opportunity to edit photos and videos as well as create music.

  1. Incredible backup by Time Machine and iCloud

Do you backup your data regularly? Apple’s Time Machine simplifies things for you when you need to backup your data since you just plug your physical media and turn Time Machine on. This technology is easy and simple since the Apple’s Time Machine does the rest. Leave alone backup, with Apple’s iCloud, you can recover a deleted file.

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