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5 Easy Steps on How to Prepare Your Mac for Sale

Oct 30, 2017
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Are you thinking of selling your Mackback USA? Users sell their machines every now and then.

Sadly, to the buyer, things might not work well after buying a Mac machine since the process might be done improperly thus leaving the buyer with a machine that is malfunctioning. Sometimes even the machine might contain viruses. For the seller, you might also be in danger as well. Maybe you sold your machine without following the proper steps, meaning you sold it with all your data intact. The buyer can access your sensitive data that you might have left without knowing.

The steps below will help you to avoid these problems.

  1. Create a back of your data

This is the first and most important step before even thinking of wiping your device for any electronic device when selling your Mac. Almost all devices sold in the market today come with a manual or an inbuilt step by step guide on how to back your data. This is essential especially when it has been a while since the machine’s data was backed up. Note that you must ensure you have a minimum of two separate backups, on separate physical storage media. This will help you in case one media where you backed up your data dies or fails to function, and then you can use the data on the second physical media.

  1. Opt out of Apple services and disable the third-party software.

As with all electronic devices, your device might have in the past been designed to do other tasks like play your iTunes entertainment, access documents and features with iCloud, perform chat iMessaging, and execute third-party applications. It is advisable to opt out of the different Apple services and disable third-party software before you decide to format your device. Although this is not vital, if you forget to do so, you can do it from the web, and get your software licenses from your third-party software suppliers. However, it’s good to do so while you still have entry to your old hardware.

  1. Find out what OS to install

After you have signed out of Apple services and disabled third-party apps, and your data is secured, it’s time to format your device and reinstall a new copy of OS. However, before you wipe your device, you need to determine what system to install. Note that, you must ensure the system you want to install should be the same as the system the machine was shipped with. This is to say that if the machine had a pre-installed Mac OS X 10.6 and you have advanced to Mac OS X 10.8, you should ensure to install Mac OS X 10.6 from the original discs the machine was shipped with.

  1. Wipe your hard drive

Now that you have determined what system to install, it’s time to erase and format your hard drive depending on the system. Here, you need to insert your Mac OS install disc on your hard drive and restart your machine. Follow the necessary steps to wipe all your files from your machine. However, this might not clear everything from your machine so you need to perform a secure erase. This is because the buyer can use file recovery apps to access any files that may still be on your hard drive that may contain your sensitive information.

  1. Re-install the OS.

Now that you have erased your hard drive, it’s the final step to re-install the system. Here, you will follow a step by step process to successfully re-install your OS. This will make the machine to look as if it’s new and when the buyer turns on the machine for the first time, it will look like a new one and will give them an opportunity to set up the machine as they would wish. The final step involves packing the machine and including any physical Mac OS install disc in the box when you ship to the buyer. Include any other necessary disc as you pack the machine then pack it and ship it to the buyer.

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