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4 Tech Companies Dominating the Asian Market

Mar 19, 2017
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For US tech companies, the Asian market has proven to be a hard nut to crack. Many companies have ventured into the overseas market with success in many places, but China and the Asian region prove to be difficult battlegrounds. Let’s look at five companies that have proven that regionalized powerhouses aren’t going down without a fight.

Tencent – Messaging Service Turned Social Media Empire

Messaging on Social Media

In a country known for its limits on personal rights to information and privacy, Tencent has proven that social media is alive and well in China and the Pacific Rim. What started out as a simple message service in 1998 has not only figured out how to make instant messaging a profitable service, but leveraged their user based into a massive social media marketplace. Selling games and other services to consumers in China, Tencent has fended off efforts by Yahoo, AOL and Google to enter into the Chinese tech space.

Ushi – The LinkedIn of China

Ushi LinkedIn

There are a variety of professional networking sites in China, but few have been as successful as Ushi. Originally founded by a team of Chinese entrepreneurs, Ushi had more than 700,000 users in 2010 according to various online sources, although current user stats are difficult to find. Business Insider has recognized Ushi as LinkedIn’s chief rival and the most successful professional online network in Asia.

Taobao – China’s EBay

Taobao China’s EBay

Tired of that old couch? Want to find a new cellphone without paying retail? Taobao is China’s own online service for users looking to sell or buy used items. Ebay attempted to break into the Chinese market, but has found very little traction as Taobao sucks all the air out of the room with its $29 billion in revenue in 2009. Again, these figures are a few years old, but that’s primarily due to the difficulty of acquiring accurate financials from outside China on Chinese businesses.

Naver – South Korea’s Google

Naver South Korea’s Google

Thankfully there’s at least one company on this list that isn’t based in China. Naver has proven to be extremely effective at providing internet users in South Korea and many surrounding Asian countries with exactly what they want, when they want it via a powerful search engine that crawls the web, looking for valuable content.

Gearing Up for Employment with Tech Companies in Asia If you’re currently job-challenged, or looking to make a career change, then taking an app development course may be the perfect first-step towards an exciting career in the technology sector. According to the Wall Street Journal, US firms are investing heavily in tech centers across Asia. In search of a new labor market to tap into for R&D and other skilled pursuits, it’s not surprise that technology jobs are following the pattern of manufacturing jobs.

With such heavy investment from overseas companies and the increased connectivity that the internet provides us, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are launching to meet the demand for

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