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3 Ways to Engage Offsite Employees in Your Culture

Mar 17, 2017
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Employees, whether or not they work onsite or offsite, are the same. They all are required to do the work, and immerse themselves into the corporate culture. All employees are expected to maintain employee engagement no matter if they are onsite or offsite.

However, some teams and individuals that are in various locations can get different management which trickles down into the culture of that branch. Quite often, a culture cannot be transmitted through a virtual network without a proper strategy. Successful offsite workers are already disciplined and self-motivated but they still require some guidance and communication. Whilst onsite employees see what is happening in the office and are aware of any changes as soon as they happen, offsite employees can be left feeling isolated and unfocused due to the lack of attention given to them. In order to reverse that, and have

Use Technology

For Communication

Not only is technology a more convenient way to enhance culture and vision, it’s also a way to communication within your organization to get it on the same page. Technology is already a main aspect of everyday business but it can also be used to encourage employees to collaborate across the organization, no matter the geographical distance. Video calls can be a great asset to employers with offsite employees, it allows there to be a band of communication that clarifies any and all issues and lets employees still feel like a part of the organization.

Constant communication is crucial to maintain an engaged and present team when dealing with offsite workers. If it is possible, taking the time to travel to offsite employee offices for face-to-face meetings is imperative. It builds trust and engagement between management and the employees. Inviting offsite employees to team-building events, or any planned activities, can have a vital part in ensuring both onsite and offsite employees mingle and communicate.

For Collaboration

Collaboration technologies can be a great asset for companies. They are numerous software’s nowadays that essentially allow employees to work together on projects without having to be in the same building, or even city. Even the simplest tools, such as emails, instant messaging applications and teleconferences allow employers and employees to share progress, and voice any concerns. Tools like Zoom and Skype are making it easier for businesses to form relationships with their employees and partners. Allowing offsite workers to access important meetings virtually is key for a successful company.

Reward Offsite Employees

Within the office environment, it’s not unheard of for managers to praise a job well done. However, that slight confidence boost can get lost in translation for offsite employees. So, making a conscience decision to make note of all the accomplishments of the offsite workers and praising them accordingly can have a positive impact on their work. Not only does this make collaboration and communication easier, it also allows to reinforce culture amongst offsite employees so that there can be a more connected and productive team.

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