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3 Keyword Research Tools that Won’t Hurt the Bottom-Line

Mar 17, 2017
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What is Keyword Research?

In the early days of the web, keyword research was a highly developed and honed skill for SEO professionals. It could take years to perfect that skill with a lot of trial and error. To those of you just getting started in understanding SEO it is crucial that you understand how important good keyword research is. The web is all about trends, what people are searching for and more importantly what words they use. It sounds simple, however as more and more individuals connect to the internet different words are being used to find things in the search box. Fortunately, you don’t need a crystal ball to anticipate the trends! You just need to put a good tool in your SEO toolbox.

Bulk Suggest Tool – Free and Plays Well with Others

Not all search engines are created equal, and that can make keyword research a little frustrating. Bulk Suggest Tool eases that frustration with a tool that plays well with all the major search engines. Google, Bing, Amazon, and even YouTube are supported by this tool. This kind of flexibility really allows you to focus on what keywords to use to attract web hits from a variety of sources.  Check out the tool here to see if this might work for you.

SerpStat – Google Only  

SerpStat is a phenomenal tool if you are focusing on the world’s largest search engine. Not only does this tool let you research keywords but it lets you research them by country! With comparative reports for not just SEO but PPC and marketing as well, this tool can help you reach a larger audience and accelerate the hit counter. With free and paid options for stepping-up your game, you can find a pricing option that won’t break the bottom line. Check them out here to find out more about this expansive tool.

KeyWordTool.io – It’s Not Just Text 

KeyWordTool is a very basic looking tool but don’t let those looks fool you. Under the hood is a very powerful resource that can help you unlock the potential of your site.  Something to note here is that the tool is the only one that I know of that will let you research app stores. With all the features this program packs into an easy to read and use format, it’s a must try. Just like with SerpStat, this site comes to you free-of-charge, but you can really power up your intel with their paid options as well. Check them out here to see if this tool is right for you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

The longer you work on keyword research the less time you can put into other aspects of running a website. These three tools can help you focus on what keywords to use in a fraction of the time it used to take. With all the time costs that can go into maintaining site relevance, keyword research shouldn’t eat up all that time. Let these tools work for you and take out some of the guess work!


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