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2 Tips to Better Communicate with Customers and Increase Sales

Mar 17, 2017
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Ever feel like it’s virtually impossible to get your point across? You spend (or should be spending) thousands of dollars on targeted marketing, with the hope that your company will connect with an audience of passionate fans, craving your product or service.

But what happens when a customer decides that they’re ready to learn more about your company? If a recent post by the Editor of MyCustomer.com tells us anything, it’s that the vast majority of customers aren’t being provided with the information they need to make a purchasing decision. What’s worse is that every time an attempt to connect is missed, that potential customer is motivated to actively pursue an alternative.

Here’s how you and your company can turn take advantage of the trend towards poor customer service, and connect with your clients on a new level:

Start Blogging

Share your thoughts and feelings with your customers! No, I’m not talking about a letter to that beautiful woman that you passed in the coffee shop. I’m talking about developing a brand message that revolves around making a difference. Contribute to the conversation and show your customers that you care about the same things they do.

Take Whole Foods as an example. John Mackey, the company’s Founder and co-CEO published a book titled: Conscious Capitalism. He discusses, among other things, how a company and a brand can be a force for good. Success in business can mean moving the needle on an important cause. If you can galvanize your customers around your message, you’ll be able to better connect with them and inspire brand loyalty.

Writing a book requires a lot of time and marketing efforts. Alternatively, a blog is a great, affordable start to communicating your values to your customers; but only when you aren’t busy putting action behind your values in your business’ operations.

Make Your Physical Locations Accessible

Yelp has transformed the way that we find local businesses to provide services in-the-moment. Whipping out an iphone, it’s easy to find a coffee shop that servers your favorite drink in less than 2 minutes. What’s more, you can see all of the reviews from previous patrons. Alas, the world of technology has saved you from a horrible cup of joe.

For businesses, connecting on social media and location-centered apps is a must. Many websites forget to create a page that clearly communicates how and where customers can connect with their company. If you want to turn interest into foot-traffic, you need a webpage that has an easy to read map, address and explanation of services offered.

The first thing a visitor sees is the location of their stores on a map. To build instant trust, their Google rating is seen next to the push-pins for their stores. An address is easily accessible on touch devices,

allowing for motivated consumers to immediately tap and get directions using their favorite GPS on their phone.

If you want to connect with consumers in the 21st century, you need to make a positive difference in the world. Communicating that value is an important component to modern branding. And, once you’ve communicated those values, allowing your customers to easily find you is critical for conversions.

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