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10 Best Online Invoicing Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

Mar 17, 2017
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A large number of online billing solutions can be found on the web, but some of them are clearly better than the others. This overview will help you choose one that’s tailor made for you.

In order to work with customers remotely, you need two basic tools in place – a fast and reliable delivery platform and an invoicing mechanism that can be trusted 100% of the time. The first type of digital resource is receiving a lot more attention than the other, even if that doesn’t truly reflect their impact on the stability of a startup company. It is absolutely essential to find a good invoicing solution that doesn’t take too long to learn and that enables the business owner to collect the payments in a timely manner.

With that in mind, we present you with ten fantastic online invoicing services, each bringing a distinct set of benefits to the table:


A typical small business is working with multiple payment channels, which is why Sighted is built to support cross-platform invoicing and integration of varied document formats. Still, its main advantage is speed, and it gets the money to your pocket as fast as possible. The solution is fully scalable, so solo freelancers are as likely to benefit from it as larger businesses. This is definitely one of the strongest candidates to become your go-to solution for all billing and accounting tasks.



This reliable software fits the needs of small companies just as well as those of larger businesses, making it a popular choice across the industry. It empowers the users to issue electronic invoices that can be easily converted into the PDF format, with support for multiple languages and currencies. A free version is available for micro-companies, while the premium version is still quite affordable when it is measured against its numerous advantages.


Freshbooks Invoicing

A very popular online invoicing solution with more than five million active users, Freshbooks is one of the names to remember when it comes to e-billing. It is packed with advanced options that allow for great user experience, from customized and visually enhanced invoices to following the status of each payment in real time. The best thing is that you don’t have to make a final decision right away, since anyone is eligible for a free trial lasting 30 days before purchasing the full package.



While this software has been created with the explicit purpose to make invoicing simple and intuitive, it certainly doesn’t lack in creative and practical options. Several dozen ready-made templates are at hand, and all transactions can be reviewed at any moment without difficulty. There is a trial version to get started, with paid plans starting as low as $5. If you are looking for a billing solution that will keep things easy, you should seriously consider Simplybill.


Due Invoicing

Startups looking for a quick way to manage their finances should give a hard, long look to Due. This online platform is very easy to use even if you are not an accounting expert, but it still offers a fairly broad array of handy options. Multiple languages are supported, and all invoices generated with this program can be simply exported in the XML format. Due doesn’t charge any monthly fees for invoice creation, but instead takes 2.8% of credit card payments it handles.


Harvest invoicing

Harvest is more than just an invoicing platform, as it features a great time-tracking system that can be used to organize your entire business from a mobile phone. It can be readily integrated with Google apps, or receive external data imported from MS Excel and other databases. However, these unique features come at a price – the cheapest plan starts at $10 per month for a single user, while the best packages cost as much as $90 on a monthly basis.

Quickbooks Online


Intended to serve as the primary financial and accounting software, Quickbooks Online contains an easy way to create and send invoices. It can provide numerous other functionalities, mainly the ability to compile data reports and conduct all bookkeeping activities necessary. Quickbooks can draw data from Excel to combine with its own entries, while accepting a broad range of payment methods, including credit cards. With five different packages to choose from, it’s safe to say that almost every company will find the right kind of deal.


zoho invoicing

As one of the finest online platforms for invoicing, Zoho is a service that many startups turn to in the crucial first business period. Users that have no more than five customers can use the service free of charge, while larger companies can choose one of the offered plans from $15 upwards. In addition to sending sleek-looking invoices, this solution can help with other tasks, such as expense tracking, team collaboration and project activity management. It’s also very simple to use and optimized for online payments.



A well-known solution that’s been around for a while, FreeAgent comes with a well-rounded collection of features that cover invoicing, time-tracking, reporting, data archiving and much more. All the data is organized in a simple system of tabs, while its UI is regarded as one of the most user-friendly in the industry. This is not a solution for beginners, who might struggle to find what they are looking for in the abundance of sophisticated tools, but advanced users consider it to be one of the best all-around packages on the web. The service is available at a flat fee of $24 per month, full features included.



Creating professional-looking invoices with BlinkSale doesn’t take more than a few minutes and doesn’t require too much technical skill. In case you still need some help to use this cloud-based solution, live customer support is provided around the clock. The software is capable of automatically sending recurring invoices to long-term clients, saving a lot of time and keeping the income schedule on point. Monthly subscription starts at $15, which is not too much considering all the value you get in return.

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